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6 Ways to Make a Small Event Extra Special

Decor is so important in setting the mood and ambiance of any event. We’re here to help you with that! By incorporating a few simple elements, you can have an extraordinary event that’s super unique and memorable.

Tip #1 - Incorporate a Theme

Themed events are fun and distinctive! We have carefully curated themed packages that you can choose from (check them out here), or we’ll create a theme that fits your personality and the vibe of your event. Having a themed event can really set your party apart from the rest!

1970s Themed Decor

Tip #2 - Create Seating Moments

Maybe themes aren’t your thing. That’s fine! Consider having small lounges sprinkled throughout your event space. Lounges provide cozy and intimate seating, while encouraging guests to move around a bit and mingle. Browse our collection of seating options and tables!

Black and Gold Lounge

Tip #3 - Include a Drink Display

A drink display is always a crowd favorite! We have a few different champagne wall options, or we can create a drink display with one of our vintage étagères. We can add beautiful faux florals to the shelving or add other decor that fits the aesthetic. Get even more creative by serving guests a signature cocktail that embodies the “spirit” of your event!

Champagne Wall

Tip #4 - Set Up Cocktail Tables

Scatter cocktail tables throughout your event space to encourage guests to move about and chat with each other. Cocktail tables also provide a place for guests to rest their food and drinks. They’re fashionable and functional! You’re in luck because we have cocktail tables, your choice of black or white linens, and we can zhuzh up the tables with candles, lanterns, or custom centerpieces.

Cocktail Tables

Tip #5 - Add a Candy Bar

Everyone loves candy. Am I right? Candy bars add a touch of whimsy to events that guests love! We’ll create a custom candy bar that’s tailored to your event from the candy selection to the color palette to the layout. We can make it extra special by adding personalization to the candy containers. Your guests will be as happy as kids in a candy store!

Fancy Candy Bar

Tip #6 - Include a Backdrop

Let’s face it. People love posting pictures on their socials. Give your guests something to post about by including a backdrop that delivers Insta-worthy content! We have boxwood backdrops, floral backdrops, and arched backdrops to name a few. Add one of our neon signs for a fun and vibrant glow!

Cheers Neon Sign

Remember, the key to making a small event special is to tailor the details, add personal touches, and create an engaging experience for your guests. We can help you make your small event extraordinary! Contact us today so we can get started!

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