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Lights, Camera, Action: Our Furniture and Decor Rentals Aren't Just for Events!

When we watch movies, we often focus on the interesting storylines and stellar performances of the actors. But, have you ever stopped to admire the details that make a movie's setting feel so real? Furniture and decor rentals play an important role in creating the authenticity of movie sets. Our furniture and decor has actually been used in films and documentaries! We love that our rentals are sought after and useful for more than just events.

Our furniture and decor on set

Setting the Scene with Historical Accuracy

Period films require meticulous attention to detail, and furniture and decor rentals become vital to achieving historical accuracy. The collaboration between production designers and furniture and decor rental companies is the perfect blend of artistic vision and attention to detail. In some films, furniture and decor become an integral part of the plot, driving the story forward or becoming symbols of a character's journey. A cherished family heirloom, a mysterious antique cabinet, or a worn-out leather chair - these props are often sourced through furniture and decor rental companies. Whether it’s fiberglass Eames chairs from the 1950s or parlor chairs from the Victorian era or magazines from the 1980s, our furniture and decor is perfect for adding authenticity and depth to films.

Cost Effectiveness

Furniture and decor rental companies offer a cost-effective solution for production designers because there’s no need to purchase pieces that will only be used once for a specific project. Renting offers a wide range of items for short-term use for much less than the cost of buying. From large pieces of furniture to small tabletop decor, we have quite a collection!

Practicality and Efficiency on Film Sets

Film productions are complex endeavors with tight schedules. Many furniture and decor rental companies often handle delivery, setup, and removal of the rented items. We do all of that! This logistical support is essential for productions that need to meet tight schedules and deadlines. Renting saves time and resources, allowing filmmakers to focus on other important aspects of production.


While rental companies have a diverse selection of furniture and decor, some may also offer customization options. This allows production designers to tailor certain pieces to better suit their unique creative requirements. We’ve got you! We’ve created custom decor for many events, and we can do the same for films.


Furniture and decor rentals are extremely important in the world of filmmaking. They possess the ability to transport audiences to different eras, establish the personalities of characters, and shape the emotional impact of a movie. From historical accuracy to practicality, furniture and decor rentals enable filmmakers to craft visually stunning and immersive environments. So, the next time you watch a film, take a moment to appreciate the artistry of the furniture. And, who knows? You might be looking at one of our unique pieces!

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