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Themed Events

We love themed events. It's in our name! A themed event is a wonderful way to create a unique and immersive experience for your guests. From iconic decades of the past to movie themes, we'll create a decor package brimming with authentic items that will captivate your guests and make your event memorable. Embrace the extraordinary!


Our Featured Themes

Roaring Twenties Theme


Be whisked away to the era of lavish parties, flapper fashion, and the infectious energy of the Jazz Age! We'll create a Roaring Twenties package that will immerse you and your guests in the opulence and excitement of this iconic period in history.

Seventies Theme


Step back in time to an era of disco, vibrant colors, and free-spirited expression. Let's create a Groovy Seventies package with authentic 70s decor that exudes the essence of the period.

Eighties Theme


Embrace big hair, neon colors, and pop culture with an 80s themed event! We'll create an Awesome Eighties package that will immerse you and your guests in the nostalgia of this bold, flashy, and totally rad decade.

 Parisian Theme


We'll build a Paris-themed package for your event that captures the sophistication and romanticism of the City of Love. From a French boudoir to a quaint café, your guests will experience the je ne sais quoi of Paris!

Detective's Library Theme


Unleash your inner sleuth! We'll create a Detective's Library package that captures the ambiance of a19th century detective's study. Dim lighting and Victorian-era decor creates an atmosphere of suspense and intrigue.

Have an idea for a custom theme?

Let's create it!

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