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Roaring Twenties Revival: A 1920s Themed Party Promises an Unforgettable Experience

Enter a world of glitz, glamour, and timeless romance as we transport you and your guests to the captivating era of the 1920s. Step into the footsteps of the Great Gatsby and fanciful flappers and indulge in the allure of the Roaring Twenties. We’ll create a custom 1920s decor package that pays homage to this opulent and iconic era.

1920s furniture and decor

Gatsby-worthy Decor

We have a splendid collection of vintage seating options and tables. We’ll create custom lounges for your event that set a luxurious mood with rich hues of red, black, and gold. Ostrich feathers in vases as accents on tables will add a touch of glamour. Vintage candle holders draped in pearls will create stunning focal points. You and your guests will absolutely love posing with our era-authentic props. Think of the photo ops!

Tips to Elevate Your 1920s Event

Encourage your guests to dress in 1920s attire like tailored suits and beaded gowns complete with vintage-inspired accessories. Capture the spirit of the era by serving bespoke libations from the Prohibition era.

Bring your event to the next level and get your guests on the dance floor by hiring a jazz band that will play iconic tunes of the period while professional dancers dazzle everyone with their fancy footwork. We have folks that we highly recommend!

Let's Start Planning Your Roaring Twenties Event

Hosting a 1920s themed party is more than just an event—it’s an immersive journey back in time, and we’ll take you there with our period-authentic decor! A 1920s themed party promises an unforgettable experience filled with glamour, nostalgia, and infectious energy.

We're here for you! Browse our rental inventory and choose items you love, or if you don't know where to start, reach out to us! We'll customize a 1920s themed package that suits your style and your budget.

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