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Retro and Rad: Hosting an Epic 1980s Themed Party

Get ready to journey back to the vibrant, colorful, and unforgettable era of the 1980s. With its iconic fashion, pulsating music, and distinct pop culture, hosting a1980s themed event promises to be an epic celebration. We're here to help transport you and your guests to a world of neon lights, big hair, and endless fun!

1980s decor

Creating an '80s Vibe

Our 80s decor is the real deal! From our furniture to our tabletop decor, we really embrace the 80s by incorporating hues of the period and iconic items like cassette tapes, Rubik’s Cubes, and Members Only Jackets! We’ll create lounges that make your guests feel like they’re back in the 80s! They’ll sit on authentic 80s furniture surrounded by authentic 80s books, toys, and video games. Your guests be ensconced in nostalgia and loving it!

Go Big and Bodacious

Add a costume contest with prizes to your 80s event! Encourage guests to embrace 80s fashion by wearing leg warmers, shoulder pads, track suits, and Starter Jackets. You’ll look out at your guests and be delighted by the sight of bold colors and big hair!

Jam on It

Be sure to have your DJ or band play hits from iconic 80s artists like Madonna, Prince, Wham, and Run DMC. Your guests will flock to the dance floor to show off their best Running Man, Cabbage Patch, and Breakdancing moves!

Let's Go!

Hosting a 1980s themed event is like stepping into a time capsule and immersing yourself in a decade of bold style, infectious music, and unapologetic fun. By recreating the iconic fashion, music, and culture of the era, you'll transport your guests back to a time when big hair and neon lights ruled the scene. We've got authentic 80s furniture and decor that's totally tubular and sure to set the mood for your party. Reach out to us, and let's start planning the decor for your event!

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